Bedside Mode widget 1.0.2


Sleep in peace with the bedside mode widget !

The bedside mode widget will let you sleep in peace !
With one touch on your screen, your phone will shut down wireless, speaker and transform into a digital clock and flashlight.

When you enter bedside mode, you will be able to :
- stop wifi
- stop bluetooth
- stop radio (calls and texts), accept calls & texts, accept calls only or texts only, or filter calls
- choose sound profile (normal, vibrator or mute)
- stop google accounts synchronization

All your previous settings are saved and are restored when you exit the bedside mode.

To use it, install the widget with the menu button, hit "Add" then "Widget" and select "Bedside Mode widget" in the list.
To configure the widget after the installation, you will find the app in your app list.

Last Updated:2015-06-10 15:51:10
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